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Fitness and Wellness

about 1 year ago

Mr. Gray & Mrs. Gorman

Donegal Junior High School Physical Education


~Hello students and parents! Welcome to our webpage~
Please use this site to access information about our class.
Our PE Syllabus is posted on Schoology under your child's P.E. page.  Please look over this information and share it with each other. The syllabus explains how the students will be graded this year in Physical Education.
Students will be review a copy of the PE syllabus on their first day of PE class Students will be asked to sign an agreement page, along with parents/guardians, then return it to Mr. Gray or Mrs. Gorman.
Please visit our online store to purchase your
Donegal PE Uniform.
The uniform can be purchased through the following link until September 6th
Uniforms are required by the end of the second week of school. All orders must be placed through Elizabethtown Sporting Goods.  Orders will be processed and distributed in school. Cash or checks are accepted. Checks must be made out to the Donegal Jr. High School and given to Mr. Gray or Mrs. Gorman.  Students will be required to change into athletic clothing starting the second week of school. Students may change into athletic clothing from home until their uniform arrives.  


The focus of 7th and 8th grade Physical Education is team and individual sports and lifetime fitness.  Junior High Physical Education will expose students to an immense variety of games, sports, and activities that provide discipline and teach cooperation while being active and having fun.  Each unit will test the students’ knowledge and understanding of the activity as well as their ability to actively participate.


Additionally, throughout the year, students will engage in a variety of fitness activities that incorporate the five areas of fitness (Body Composition, Muscular Strength, Muscular Endurance, Cardiovascular Endurance and Flexibility).  Our Fitnessgram testing program will provide our students with a better understanding of what their physical strengths and weaknesses are and how they can improve their overall health and fitness.  Students will complete a fitness portfolio, chart their progress, and set goals.  This course will provide our students with all the skills needed in order to live a healthy lifestyle while sparking interest and motivation.